A good shoe simply completes a man's outfit. To get there - making a good shoe that brings the best of a man's attire,
it takes thought, experience and effort.

The first step is the design. Through lines and squiggles, our shoes slowly take form on paper. Little by little, we add details to the design that make a Splits By Anderson shoe standout.

The second step is to cut the chosen material. Each material is measured and hand cut by our highly skilled craftsmen. The third step is bringing everything together to create the upper. It takes deft and experienced hands to stitch all the fine-cut pieces together in various stages.

The completed uppers are moulded to give it shape. The welt, sole and heel (if needed) are stitched together and attached. This completes the "making" of the shoe. The shoes are now buffed and trimmed to give a smooth finish. They are then stained, polished and waxed to produce the final product - the 'finished' shoe.